The Unique Markings On These Cats Will Have You Wondering If They’re Photoshopped

Just like humans come in all different skin tones, shapes, and sizes, so do our feline friends. These feisty creatures are made unique from others of their kind by the type of fur they have, with some of them having very funky markings.


We’re not just talking about the fur color. We’re talking cats that look like they have eyebrows, tattoos, and other weird shapes all over their bodies in such a way that you can’t help but think they might be photoshopped. Take a look!

This Cat Wears Its Heart On Its Face

This cat honestly looks like it has a heart sticker with cat features stuck to its face. The heart marking is just so unique and the best part is that the kitty has no idea how funny its head looks.

Is it a heart-shaped head or a normal round head? The world may never know. What we do know is that this kitty definitely wears its heart on its face for everyone to see; proof that cats do have a heart.

The next cat must be a big fan of Halloween

Halloween Must Be His Favorite Day Of The Year

The marking on this cat is trying to tell us one of two things. One, he is world’s biggest fan of Halloween. Or, two, he is the grim reaper and is here to collect the souls of the lowly humans who have graciously adopted him.

Even though we hope it’s the first, we’d bet money that our second hypothesis is correct. He just looks way too smug to be a fan of, well, anything.