These Are The Cutest Baby Animals Of All Time

You must be a heartless person if you do not adore baby animals. There is something about them that brings out the best in everyone. We are sure that some of it has to do with their naivete. At this point in their lives, they know next to nothing in the world and could not be held accountable for their actions. If you are still unconvinced, we recommend you check out these photos. This is also a good idea if you just need a breather. Trust us, these cute baby animals will make you forget about all of your worries!



Baby Hedgehog

We are here to let you know that “hoglet” is the official term for a baby hedgehog. This must be one of the most adorable things that we have been blessed enough to see. There is something about their round bodies and little hands that make us squeal in delight. That sweet expression goes well with the feet sticking out! Unlike porcupines, they do not shoot out their quills. This means that you are free to cuddle with them! These animals only come with quills so that they can scare off predators in the wild.

Baby Dolphin

Did you have a dolphin phase when you were young too? The fascination around them makes sense to us since they are both very cute and very smart. They actually develop their hind limbs in the womb, but they retract and disappear before they are born. This goes to show that they have four-legged terrestrial mammal ancestors. They have traits that set them apart from other marine animals. These creatures like to play, ride the waves, make bubble rings via the blowholes. They would go on to spin the bubbles on their beaks until they get bored. This is something that we would like to see them do in person!

Baby Hamster

Unlike baby sloths, hamsters are blind and naked upon their birth. They only develop their sense of sight and open their eyes around 14 to 17 days into their existence. The pregnancies last three weeks, while a momma hamster can have six to twenty babies per litter. That is a lot of cuteness in one go! Things might go wrong when the mother is stressed out, however. There is a chance that she will abandon or even eat the babies when this happens! Make sure to give your pet hamsters all the TLC that you can.

Baby Kangaroo

How neat is it that baby kangaroos are called joeys? What a cute name for such a cute animal! Wait until you hear how they enter the world. A joey is born into the pouch on the belly of the mom. At that point in time, they remain immature and weigh less than a gram. They are also only one inch in length. This baby will start to suckle and eventually spend more time outside the pouch until it is time for it to leave altogether. You can expect that to happen any time between seven and ten months.

Baby Cat

Well, this must have been obvious. Cats and dogs are the two most common pets in the world! While we might be used to them, their cuteness cannot be missed. This cute newborn Persian is more proof of this. We love how big those eyes are on his oversized head. We have not even mentioned his tiny paws either. Kittens have and always will rule the internet, but we doubt that you needed us to tell you that.

Baby Stingrays

We probably do not have to tell you that it is a bad idea to cuddle with a baby stingray. When they are adults, they look scary. This is not the case when they are still young. These flat sea animals make their way through the waters by waving around or flapping their fins around. Their eyes are located at the bottom of the body, so they rely on the sense of smell and electroreceptors to look for food. Cool!

Baby Squirrel

Squirrels are far from the strangest things on this list. You can find them on just about every continent in the world, save for Antarctica and Australia. This is good news since you will probably see a baby once or twice in your life. The babies tend to leave the nest behind once they reach their seventh or eighth week. Despite this, they do not typically head out far as they keep themselves to a distance of fewer than two miles. You can say that they have a green thumb as they bury acorns that then grow into oak trees.

Baby Pig

Is there anything in the world more precious than this smiling piglet? Just so you know, pigs are cute and smart animals. The babies can even recognize the voice of their mom and learn their names at only two weeks old. This is impressive enough as it is, but the mothers like to ‘sing’ while they nurse their babies too. To be fair, who would not love the opportunity to sing to the adorable baby in this photo?

Baby Sloth

It is a good thing that sloths do not move very quickly since it gives us the chance to observe their cuteness some more. The smiley sloth is a unique creature in a number of ways. For one, they are born with fur and open eyes already. They also climb and cling to their mom’s fur as soon as they enter the world! These are one of the most fascinating animals in the world. They eat and move very slowly. There is a good chance that they will spend their entire life in just one tree!

Baby Crocodile

When it comes to dangerous predators such as crocodiles, the first thing that comes to mind would be the scary adult ones. They are actually pretty cute when they are babies, however. These animals are some of the oldest in the world. Can you believe that they have been here since the age of the dinosaurs? Hatched from eggs, the temperature of the nest is what determines their gender. Upon their birth, they are in for a world of danger. In fact, nearly all the babies get eaten by larger creatures less than a year after their birth. This is one of the lucky ones.

Baby Dog

Good luck trying to resist the adorable charms possessed by little pups. There are different breeds of dogs all over the world. This means that we get all kinds of varieties as well. Each one is just as cute as the previous breed. The photo below shows a mini Goldendoodle. Is there anything cuter than this?

Baby Fennec Fox

This Sahara Desert native is cute with a capital C. This is the smallest of the fox species, but it is capable of surviving the cruelly dry environment. We love their ears, which can reach a length of six inches. Did you know that they tilt their heads to figure out where their prey is? On top of that, their huge ears are helpful when it comes to dissipating the heat of the sun so that they can stay cool in the desert.

Baby Tortoise

This little tortoise wanted to get a strawberry that is nearly as big as he is. How adorable! Hatchlings, which is what baby tortoises are called, are pretty similar to the adults. One of the biggest differences is that they tend to be more sensitive to temperature changes. Apart from this, they tend to be hardy creatures that like to lie in the sun and munch on fruits and veggies. We would love to be a tortoise.

Baby Chimpanzee

Are you surprised by how much this baby chimpanzee looks like us? Well, there is no reason to feel that way since they are very closely related to humans. As a matter of fact, we share 98.5 percent of our DNA. They have facial structures that are uncannily similar to ours. To be fair, they are just several evolutionary steps apart from you and me. Apart from this, chimps can act like us too. They like to hug to show affection and laugh when they play. Can we get a hug from these cousins of ours?

Baby Giraffe

We agree that giraffes have a striking appearance. Upon their birth, however, the baby is dropped from a height of six feet. It ends up landing on its head, but you do not have to fret as this doesn’t hurt. This is an important step in their development since it teaches them to take a gasp of air. They learn to walk in only an hour. Wouldn’t you love to watch one of these babies take its first few steps?