Top 10 Most Common Dog Disease and Health Issues



As the name suggests, Heartworms are the worms developed in the heart. Unfortunately, since this disease is transmitted through mosquito bites any dog can catch it. And worse yet it might be years before your dog shows any clinical signs that worms are forming inside the heart.

So if you notice your dog suffering from coughing, fatigue, collapsing or depression seek the advise of your veterinarian.


Ticks and Lyme disease

Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to your dog, cat or even to you. They feed on a hosts blood and transmit diseases like Lyme disease.

So we wont to keep ticks outside the house but fortunately it’s easy to keep your dog tick free with a treatment like applying “k9 Advantix” all over your dog. Or ask your veterinarian for local alternatives.

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